Visitation of Our Lady School

Carolyn Levet - Principal

Inspiring Catholic Faith and Principles While Encouraging Academic Excellence

Visitation of Our Lady School

Carolyn Levet - Principal

Inspiring Catholic Faith and Principles While Encouraging Academic Excellence

Language Arts Lab

Program Focus

The Language Arts Lab consists of alternative language arts classes for qualifying students whose reading, grammar, writing, spelling, and comprehension of language are significantly below expected growth, despite their average or above average intelligence.


It is the mission of the V.O.L. Language Arts Lab to call on ourselves, in Christ's message of love, to honor and value students with varying learning styles. The program provides an avenue which enables students to grow to higher standards spiritually, morally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically. In the Language Arts Lab we have an opportunity to further individualize the tenets of the Visitation of Our Lady Catholic School mission statement, philosophy, and objectives, particularly those regarding the whole child and the differing developmental or learning needs of children.

Admissions Process

The screening process for acceptance into the Language Arts Lab includes consideration of the following:

  • On site assessment
  • Appropriate formal evaluation(s)
  • Anecdotal information collected from parents/teachers
  • Cumulative school records
  • Sample of student work
  • Informal assessment of selected skills
  • Other requested information as needed

There is an additional charge for participation in the Language Arts Lab and is contingent on space availability.

Program Components

  • Small class size
  • 12 workstations with specialized software and Internet capabilities
  • Multi-sensory learning activities
  • Supportive academic structure with a low-stress environment for optimal learning gains
  • Direct teaching of sequential phonological skills for decoding and encoding printed language
  • Curriculum and methods chosen to enhance a wide variety of learning styles
  • Philosophy based on cutting-edge research in reading disabilities
  • Parents, teachers, administrators and other specialists work together as a team for the betterment of the child


Students are instructed according to their learning differences, literacy deficits, and grade placement in the seven components of the Basic Language Skills Development standards. Those components are:

  • Phonemic and Syllabic Awareness
  • Phonology Development - Encoding
  • Reading - Decoding Development
  • Computer Word Processing Development
  • Comprehension Development
  • Composition Development

These components are further classified and aligned with the Archdiocesan Standards Based Education Program.

Other Information

The Language Arts Lab is not a special education program and was not developed according to Louisiana Bulletin 1508 guidelines. Individualized Educational Plans (IEP's) are not developed for participation students. Students in the program need to be able to function successfully with reasonable adjustments in their standard classes for non-language arts subjects. It is at the sole discretion of the principal to determine the on-going nature and extent of adjustments. The principal also reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw if a more appropriate learning environment is needed.